I am excited that a friend of mine from Egypt has her own blog now and wanted to share this article she wrote. And for the record, she reports, in spite of everything, that she’s still optimistic. Please keep praying for Egypt and for our Egyptian brothers and sisters.

Thoughts & Reflections

27- January- 2011
Special to Canadian Mennonite
I am optimistic! That is what I tell myself from time to time, but it seems sometimes that my brother is the only one who shares this optimism with me. What is happening in Egypt does not herald anything good for the moment, but, in my opinion, it is very promising for the future.

For now, it is very clear to everyone that there is much chaos. Robberies have increased and thugs are the heroes of the daily stories. They break into and seize houses, kidnap women, children and girls, and rape them. Traffic is not organized and there are many accidents because of high speed. There is lack of security, which makes everybody feel worried and uncomfortable. The police have lost the respect of the people.

I am optimistic, however, because now I can see that people have started to rethink the…

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